Client testimonials

I love hearing from my clients and seeing their progress. Please find below a selection of client testimonials and transformations.

Meet Kim

Kim came to me November 2021, she was seriously worried about her future health and active life with her family. Together we worked through her issues, her aches and pains and her lack of confidence in her stability. I said I could help her 'change' and was sure we could improve her aches and pains and stop her from feeling vulnerable. We set to work! Hear from Kim below;  

"Isobel has literally saved my life! Carrying excess weight led to back problems, joint pain and reduced mobility. Each problem compounded the other with intensely negative effects. It was difficult to know where to begin in order to change. Isobel has not only shown me that physical change, better health and being pain-free is possible; but with her support, perseverance and expertise, she has enabled me to mentally overcome what was effectively defeating me. 

Isobel has patiently and safely worked with me towards improved health, fitness, stability and strength, with an individually planned program of exercise tailored to my changing abilities. Over these last 15 months, Isobel has been with me every single step as she works out together with her clients so as to demonstrate safe technique. It has been hard work but change has been accomplished, and continues! Isobel works professionally and is holistic in her approach, she is also a pleasure to spend this valuable time with.”

Meet Lois

Lois has a busy and mentally exhausting work life. Stress and not feeling that great was a worry, along with the knowledge that her life style could be healthier. Lack of energy, feeling unfit a big factor as well as her weight. We also set to work realigning her upper back from hours in front of a computer. Hear from Lois below;

"Isobel is sensitive and has the experience to understand what older women need! I wanted to keep motivated and focused in order to regain control of my life and my fitness. Sessions with Isobel had lots of variety, where we worked all the muscle groups so I was stronger and felt more robust and confident. My mobility and stamina increased as did my energy levels. The top of my back has even started to improve (check out the before and after below!) Totally recommend"


Meet Bob 

See Bob's story below

Yes ! You can get fitter and stronger at any age as long as you've checked with your Doctor and you work at the level appropriate to you.Bob's daughter wanted to ensure that he remained active and the risk of Bob falling was kept to the minimum. Bob loved sport when he was younger and played golf up until he took on the role of carer. Bob loves being outdoors so if the weather allows we head outside and had a great workout in the snow! We work on balance, movement patterns to promote stability and mobility with turns to help crossing the road for instance. We add in resistance to keep and build muscle and to strengthen the joints. Keeping the chest lifted and the back straight as well as getting gently puffed out helps keep the lungs healthy. We also do floor work and practice getting up off the floor which is a confidence builder.

Meet Sally

Sally came to me having had Severe Sepsis which had also presented itself as Septic Arthritis in the right knee and had badly affected the Gastrocnemius muscle. After 8 weeks in hospital she’d been in a wheelchair and on crutches as she gradually recovered, over a period of six months.

After two operations and with range of just 120 degrees achieved, doctors were unsure if she’d ever manage to straighten her right leg. As you can see, Sally has made an amazing recovery and her work is ongoing rehabilitating her knee and calf. For many weeks Sally had intense physio and we continued to straighten and strengthen her knee so she can jump, hop, lunge and squat. We do lots of resistance and core work, as well as Cardio, mixing it up so we pack in as much as we can, with a good stretch to finish.

We work outside if we possibly can, as Sally enjoys the benefits it brings to mental health, her sense of well being and the stresses of everyday life.

"I've been working regularly with Isobel on rehabilitation and fitness following an illness in 2018. She took me on when I could barely walk a short distance, with decreased muscle mass and lack of power. She worked alongside my physios and wholeheartedly committed herself to helping me get my strength back. We've worked consistently hard and surpassed all mine and my consultant's expectations! We exercise outdoors, in a way that is precise yet fun and she always adapts to how I am feeling, with endless new exercises for us to try. She is a consummate professional and in among all the resistance training and focus, we dance sometimes and we laugh! "


Meet Hema

Hema came to me last May, wanting to prepare for her Three Peaks trip.

"Isobel is a breath of fresh air! She has a wonderful energy and thoughtfully curates a bespoke work out , tailored to your needs, whatever they are that month, week or on the day! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge in fitness, the body, nutrition and well being. Her passion for continuously learning and wanting to help you achieve your goals totally shines.
During the pandemic and working excessive hours stuck at my desk, I gained unwanted kilos and lost motivation. Isobel helped me to rediscover a love for exercising. I needed to get motivated, eat more healthily, shift those kilos, trim my waistline and feel energized again. The sessions are super fun, either in the park, indoors, or best of all in the garden, soaking in all of nature and if we're lucky, blue skies. Isobel's PT session are a brilliant work out using multiple muscle groups, cardio, strength and conditioning and importantly weights; key to maintaining muscle mass in your 50's. The sessions leave you energized, motivated and simply feeling great. 

Totally recommend!!  Hema"

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