One to One Personal Training

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  • Free 30 minute consultation

  • Personalised fitness assessment

  • Creative programme (easy to do at home)

  • Demonstration of safe, correct and effective technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Outdoor, home or online

  • Track progress together

  • Nutrition advice

I enjoy training outdoors because of the de-stressing effects of nature. My sessions are varied to make them engaging, fun and challenging. I like to use music during my sessions. We will often workout together so you don't feel like you're alone and we'll be supporting each other!

Small Group Personal Training

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  • All the benefits of one to one personal training

  • Cheaper personal training than one to one (cost is split across the group)

  • Average group size: 3 

  • Prices from £20 per person per hour

  • Similar fitness abilities

  • Connect with like minded members of your community

  • Recommended to complete at least a 6 week programme

I recognise that one to one personal training is not  affordable for everyone so I offer small group training where you can split the cost with others. You can bring a friend or come alone and we will match you with people with similar goals/abilities. We will follow a similar programme and support each other to reach our goals.