Getting Older?

Are you in your 40's , 50's or beyond?

Have you noticed age related body changes?

40’s and 50’s is when people start to think ‘I’m getting older’; this is when age related body changes start to be noticeable……

Lets focus on what you can control.

There is so much stuff, in life, you cannot control, but your lifestyle and your general fitness is something you can. Working out 3-5 times a week, can really help with so many health problems. At 50+ the aches and pains will set in and if you don’t use those major muscle groups and joints. How you live your lifestyle is key to slowing down or accelerating your aging from your cardiovascular fitness (heart, lungs and blood vessels transport oxygen and deal with stress) to your bones and even your mental health.

What can you do?

The right exercise, actually any exercise, will help to halt sarcopenia (muscle loss) and Osteopenia (bone loss) but resistance training and impact exercise are crucial. Whilst you’re thinking about it, add as much activity into your life as possible. Don’t use the lift, if able, run up the stairs (still hold on), and walk up the escalator. Get off bus/tube a stop earlier, walk around the room whilst chatting on the phone but not across the street! Use your car less and public transport more. Kick a ball with your children/grandchildren or skip. Walk and enjoy a coffee instead of sitting. Shop local and carry the shopping! This is brilliant, especially if up hills and stairs. Being fit and healthy really is a way of life!

What if I don’t?

Immobility, lack of independence? Osteoporosis? This is classified when bone density drops to 50% or lower in comparison to the bone density of a 20 year old. It primarily affects women after 70 (post-menopausal), but the reality is, that the possibility of an Osteoporotic facture increases after the age of 50…… The good news is, that bone loss in preventable, can be halted and research shows us, it can even be reversed and even increased by 1% a year.

Your overall strength peaks at around 30/35 years. After this point your bone density starts to decline. Gradually to start with, along with your muscle mass; usually in your fourth decade. Your heart is a muscle; it too needs exercise and looking after.

With the lack of activity, inevitably, you start to gain weight and your posture starts to alter. The end result? Loss of function, disability and instability, often low esteem, isolation and even depression. After the age of 70, deterioration accelerates and can lead to frailty, acute and chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. All these are synonymous with aging.

Thinking about a fitness program?

An exercise program is really important. Actually getting started and doing the first fitness session is the hardest part, but the fact that you are reading this is a great step. Surround yourself with support, after all, committing to a fitness program isn’t just for you. Remind yourself that it’s also for your family, friends and colleagues. They depend on you to be happy, capable and healthy. Get a Personal Trainer, join a group, and make it more sociable. Once you have taken that first step, you will quickly notice the benefits; have more energy, better sleep, more relaxed and less stressed are some of the immediate results.

Unsure what a program from IcanBfit could mean to you?

Personal training might be the support you need. Please look at my testimonials and see the difference you can secure for your future with just a few life changes. Personal Training can be affordable and enjoyable.

It will be a program tailored to your needs and goals. A personal trainer should check and recognise how you are feeling on that day and your program reflect how you are feeling.

Maybe you are recovering from an illness or surgery. Maybe you have never undertaken the rehab you should have. If you have never worked out before or it’s been a long time it’s key to start with the correct prescriptive plan. With the right amount of physical activity, learning the correct technique you can gradually increase duration, frequency and intensity. You will find it enjoyable. Small group Personal training makes it affordable, sociable and fun.  

What are we waiting for? Get in touch to find out more about my personal training and small group personal training services.